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Manifesting Your Magick

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make manifesting happen for you? Perhaps you have tried method after method and you still do not end up reaching your goals. Wonder no more! This book will tell you how to do it. Whether you are an ‘average joe’, ‘average jane’ or a Magick user, this book will show you the way. We constantly manifest, just not in a purposeful way. This book was written by people who live a manifesting lifestyle. You will be shown what it takes to purposefully manifest and create. It is not theory in this book—it is time tested techniques that work.

Valid Muscle Testing - Psysomatic Kinesiology

Muscle Testing, both an art and science, is an extremely useful tool to use to evaluate energy levels, beliefs and states of a person's mind and body. This book will show you how to achieve accuracy and consistency with Muscle Testing. Written from years of experience, this book is aimed at all levels: from budding muscle testers to those who have used Applied Kinesiology and its offshoots for years. You will find clear, step by step instructions on how to muscle test, get accurate results, correct energetic issues, diet testing and much more. You will also learn how to maintain your energy for optimal wellness. If you want to learn accurate, valid muscle testing, then Psysomatic Kinesiology is for you!

Real Change for a Real Life

Are you looking for a kick in the backside to get you moving? This book will do just that. Filled with short, concise advice, check lists, charts, questionnaire, techniques and much more, you will be given a place to start changing your life even if you have no clue how. The authors have drawn upon their own personal experiences and have used these exact tools to change their lives for the better. Be warned, this book is not for those looking to be pampered or coddled. This book is about how to achieve instant change. Follow the instruction given and you will see the results that you want.


Octoenergetics © The 4 Mind / 4 Body Method of Wellness Book 1: Foundation is the introduction of the new wellness modality based on the “eight energies”, the 4 Minds and the 4 Bodies. When we have an issue, an imbalance occurs in one or more of the 4 Minds and 4 Bodies leading to a disharmonious state. Octoenergetics blends well with all other modalities and stands on its own. When you need to get to the root of an issue, Octoenergetics will bring you the answers you seek.

Octoenergetics Book Two

The second in the Octoenergetics series. Coming soon!


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