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Protection – How to Guard against Unwanted Energies – January 24, 2018

Being Human

As we grow up and start to reason, we learn to fear. Whether real or imagined, it is our perception of how things happen around us and to us that cause us to react and think in certain ways. Additionally, it is human nature to take the path of least resistance. Most of us fall into one or both of these categories. When working on an issue, one or both of these responses are our roadblock(s). We may not recognize it in ourselves, but one or the other is there. ‘Fear’, which can be also labeled as ‘lack’, can be the lowest common denominator for guilt, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and many other emotional states.

We are made of energy. This energy has vibration and frequency. Our thoughts and intentions have mass and also vibrate at certain frequencies. This is stored in our physical shell and affect the whole being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Fear is a vibration that intertwines with our unique and individual frequency. When you break down the thoughts that cause us to vibrate in a way that we do not want to their simplest form, you will be able to quickly understand and eradicate the issue. Using the 4 Minds / 4 Bodies model from Octoenergetics© with appropriate wellness modalities, these stored, undesired vibrations and frequencies are released and a congruent vibratory state is achieved.

Here at Integrative Natural Wellness Associates, L.L.C., this is what we help you accomplish. Whether the issue is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, when you get to the core of the thought vibration and change it, everything else will change. Let us show you how to create the change you want.

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